Timeless Make-up Trends

Make-up trends come and go over the years. Many come back around, while others leave the building and enter a state of permanent and well-deserved exile (blue eye-liner, anyone?). Others, however, never really go away because they work with anyone’s face, can be used alongside fleeting fads and just look amazing in and of themselves. Let’s take a look at five of these perennial techniques.

The cat-eye

Whether you’re pale, dark or in-between, whether your face is round, square, heart-shaped, freckled or not, the cat-eye will work for you. Primarily this is because we all have eyes, but it’s also because that little flick of black, brown or grey adds interest, flirtation and detail to a part of the face that’s already expressive. It will never die!

Red lipstick

Of course, you have to find the right red for your skin tone, but once you have, there is literally nothing to stop you applying these go-faster stripes to your face every day! They’re bold, they’re in your face (as well as on it) and they tell the world that you’re all woman and that you mean business.

The smoky eye

This is the cat-eye’s quieter sister. The smoky eye is subtle and draws people in a little more sneakily than the cat-eye, which can be perky and cute as well as sexy. There’s nothing perky or cute about the smoky eye; just like that sister, you need to watch out for the quieter ones…

The highlighted cheekbone

Some people are blessed with amazing zygomatic arches and thesepeople should be banned from highlighting them with artificial means. Fact. For the 99% of the populace that has more workaday facial flying buttresses, it’s highlighter or the highway. Properly applied, highlighter defines the face, produces a subtle (you hear that, 1980s?) glow and lustre that betokens eternal youth and also helps to hide any blushing…

The barely-there look

If your make-up looks like it’s not there, then you must look that ravishingly, amazingly gorgeous naturally, right?


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