Make-up Tips Artists Swear By

If you’re a beauty and make-up junkie then part of your fix will be trying out new products and looks, as well as swapping tricks with your friends. No matter what the latest looks are, however, there are some age-old tips that never date or go out of style because they are the foundation (geddit…) of a successful “face”.

Here are just five of these secrets – once you’ve discovered them, you’ll wonder how you managed without them.

Add blush, highlighter or contouring under your foundation

This makes your blush, your glow or your shaping look as if it’s coming from your face itself, rather than something that’s been superimposed on it. This tip is especially important with highlighter as we’ve all seen those photos; the ones where someone looks like it’s Halloween all year round for them. Highlighter+ flash = not a good look.

Apply your mascara before your eyeliner for a cat-eye guide

It might seem more intuitive to do your eyeliner and then your mascara, but if you’re doing a cat-eye flick, then your bedecked lashes will form a natural guide for you. Just make sure it’s dried first!

Look at the inside of your lips to choose a lipstick colour

If you’re looking for a more natural shade of lipstick, then you should match it to your own tones. Pull down your bottom lip and look at the inside shade; you need to go for shades a touch lighter or deeper than this tone.

Apply your primer into your brows

You might need to work it in a bit and then brush your brows before you start with the brow pencil, but using primer in your brows means your colour and your definition won’t smudge or fade over the course of the day.

Use the inside of your arm to choose complexion products

So many people use the backs of their hands to try out foundation and concealers, but it’s the insides of your wrists and forearms that are closest to your face’s tones.

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