Diploma of Remedial Massage

The Diploma of Remedial Massage is an approved VET Student Loan course.

VET Student Loans

Demi International Beauty Academy is a registered training organisation approved to offer VET Student Loans to eligible students under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. The Diploma of Remedial Massage is an approved course. VET Student Loans can be used to pay part of an eligible student’s tuition fees. To find out more please visit VET Fee Schedules page or contact us 07 5309 6635.

Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT52015)

The Diploma of Remedial Massage qualification provides the skills required for competence in remedial massage practice. Practitioners at this level may be self-employed as independent practitioners or may work within a larger health service. The course covers the provision of remedial massage treatment to clients with specific needs such as injury management, rehabilitation, palliative care and aged care. Classes for this course are a mix of theory and practical subjects, and include practical work in a salon environment. Practitioners at this level may supervise other massage therapists. The diploma is the minimal level for receiving WorkCover and Private Insurance Provider numbers.


Course Duration and Study Options – Diploma
Course Duration: 12 months
Delivery: 4 x 10 week terms – 1.5 day (12 hours) a week face to face.
Teacher directed study: Online 15-20 hours/week over 4 x 10 week terms.
Clinic Hours: 200 supervised hours over 12 months.
Amount of training: 1280 hours in total to meet Massage Association Standards.

We use an interactive Learning Management System LMS that includes interactive forums, numerous learning tools to assist along the entire process with ongoing and unlimited quizzes and revision in a highly supportive environment. You will always have access to support outside of the class environment while having the flexibility to work, be a parent and have a work life balance.

Why study with us?
Our graduates are working all over the country at Physiotherapy Businesses, Boutique Clinics, Day Spas, Cruise Ships, Chiropractic Businesses & Wellness Clinics.
A career in Remedial Massage is varied and exciting.
We provide our students with a full set of Textbooks: Trail Guide to the Body, 5th Ed. Andrew Biel, The Textbook of Remedial Massage, Sandra Grace & Mark Deal & Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage, Mark F. Beck. a laundry service for towel and a set of oils and balms.

Why is professional recognition important?
Professional membership is required to receive reimbursement by health funds for massage services. Demi International massage graduates are recognised by professional associations such as:

  • Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)
  • Australian Association of Massage Therapists (AAMT)
  • Massage Association of Australia Ltd (MAA)

Education Pathway
Completion of the Diploma of Remedial Massage also provides the graduate with a significant number of credits for subjects in a Bachelor of Health Science (Musculoskeletal Therapy).

Tuition Fees
The course tuition costs are $12,800 of which $10,342 can be covered by a VET Student Loan and the balance can be covered by a payment plan of $50.26/week inc debit success fees. Students who access a Vet Student Loan are charged 20% loading from the Federal Government. The total debt to be incurred at completion of this Qualification will be $12,410.40. The debt will be repaid when your income is above the minimum repayment threshold through your income tax.

Additional Fees not included in Tuition Fees
All students will be required to pay a (non-refundable) equipment fee of $250 to cover uniforms and textbook/s at enrollment. There are no hidden costs!

Payment Plans
Payment plans with varied options are available upon request.

Entry Requirements
Students should have completed a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education for the completion of Year 12 or both:
The student is to be assessed as competent at or above
Exit Level 3 in an Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Literacy and Numeracy Exam and also;
The student must display the required level of competence Demi International reasonably believes is required for a Diploma level of Study.
Younger applicants are welcome to apply and entry will be at the discretion of the RTO.

Linda MooreDiploma of Remedial Massage