Diploma of Screen and Media

The Diploma of Screen and Media is an approved VET Student Loan course.

VET Student Loans

Demi International Beauty Academy is a registered training organisation approved to offer VET Student Loans to eligible students under the Higher Education Support Act 2003. The Diploma of Screen and Media is an approved course. A VET Student Loans can be used to pay for part of an eligible student’s tuition fees. To find out more please visit VET Fee Schedules page or contact us 07 5309 6635.

The Diploma of Screen and Media is designed to prepare students to work in specialist roles in the makeup services industry. Careers such as hair and makeup artists and designers, photographic and/or high fashion makeup artists and stylists, retail & freelance makeup artists as well as bridal makeup artists. Successful graduates from this course may also coordinate the operation of a makeup department or business. Individuals completing this qualification will possess a good knowledge of specialist makeup services for the photographic and high fashion industries, and will be able to use a range of specialised, technical or managerial competencies to plan, carry out and evaluate work in the area of specialist makeup services for those industries.


Course Duration and Study Options
The course runs for 12 months and is a mixture of online* and one day (1) attendance a week.
*Approx 10-15 hours of online flexible learning in your own time each week would be required. Students must attend all classes each week.

Students will be required to complete 50 additional hours of mandatory work experience within the industry and this is completed offsite and as a class at local performances, Fashion Week and Halloween.

Tuition Fees
The course tuition costs are $12,400 of which up to $10,150 can be covered by VET Student Loans and the balance can be covered on a payment plan of $44/week or paid up front. Students who access VET Student Loans are charged 20% loading from the Federal Government. The total debt to be incurred at completion of this Qualification will be $12,180. The debt will be repaid when your income is above the minimum repayment threshold through your income tax.

Additional Fees not included in Tuition Fees
All students will be required to pay a (non-refundable) equipment fee of $250 at enrolment to cover a uniform, tools, access to a university level LMS and an online textbook.

Entry Requirements
Students should have completed a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education for the completion of Year 12 or both:
The student is to be assessed as competent at or above Exit Level 3 in an Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) Literacy and Numeracy Exam and also
The student must display the required level of competence Demi International reasonably believes is required for a Diploma level of Study.

Payment Plans
Payment plans with varied options are available upon request, however all fees must be paid before the course ends.

Payment Options:

Tuition Fee $12,250
Incidental Fee $250
Weekly payments $236
Fortnightly payments $471
Monthly payments $1,020

Career Opportunities
Successful graduates from the Diploma of Screen and Media have attractive career options working as freelance specialist makeup artist and hair stylist in areas such as retail, cinema, theatre, bridal hair and makeup design, and photographic and high fashion makeup.

Core Units:
CUAIND502 Maintain and apply creative arts industry knowledge
CUAPPR505 Establish and maintain safe creative practice
ICTWEB201 Use social media tools for collaboration and engagement


Specialist Makeup Services:
CUAMUP401 Design, apply and remove make-up
CUAMUP402 Maintain make-up and hair continuity
CUAMUP403 Style hair for performances or productions
CUAMUP404 Style wigs and hairpieces for performances or productions
CUAMUP502 Design and apply specialised make-up
CUAMUP503 Design and apply special make-up effects


Screen and Media:
CUAIND402 Provide freelance services
BSBPMG522 Undertake project work
BSBCRT402 Collaborate in a creative process
BSBDES402 Interpret and respond to a design brief
BSBCRT501 Originate and develop concepts
BSBCMM401 Make a presentation

Recognised Qualifications

The Diploma of Screen and Media (CUA51015) is a nationally recognised qualification, which is issued to students after successful completion of this course. The program is structured in line with the National Creative Arts and Culture Training Package (CUA). If partial completion is achieved by a student, a Statement of Attainment (achievement) is issued.

Demi International Beauty Academy is the proud winner of the 2014 Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

Demi International Beauty Academy is accredited with Australian Council for Private Education and Training.

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