Career Path #4 Jazz Singing Massage Administrator!

Seonaid has been a Senior Educator of Massage at Demi International for approximately 3 years and has recently added the role of Admin and Compliance Manager to her responsibilities. She is also a loving mum to two beautiful daughters…sounds like she’s got a bit on! Previous roles include being a full time Massage Therapist, business

Career Pathways #1: Educator at Demi International

Belinda Spiteri has been an educator at Demi International since January 2013.  Over her career Belinda has immersed herself in the industry with experience as a Beauty Therapist, Spa Therapist, College Educator, Spa Manager, Salon Owner and Skin Care Promoter. Straight out of school she studied a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and over the years

Update: Term 2 Week 7

It’s been a while since we did an update on the goings on of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Recently the class has moved onto advanced facials. Advanced facials use machinery to help push products deeper into the client’s skin, to get better, deeper and longer lasting results after a facial. The Beauty students were

Diary of a Remedial Massage Student – Term 3 Week 3

This week we are learning about postures and how a poor posture can put strain on the various muscles from the neck through the back and even the hamstrings…and everything inbetween! The different postures included ‘Flat Back Posture’, ‘Military Type Posture’, ‘Sway Back Posture’, and ‘Kyphosis Lordosis Posture’. We identified that the ideal segment alignment

Diary of a Remedial Massage Student – Term 3 Week 1

It’s our first week back after two glorious weeks of holidays. We started with identifying and providing a clinical assessment of complaints affecting the head, neck, shoulders and back. By logically and methodically understanding the specific characteristics of the client’s complaint we can categorise whether it is a Structural, Neural, or Functional issue. Through a

Diary of a Remedial Massage Student – Term 2 Week 10

This week we moved onto the hip and pelvis.  Pain in the hip and pelvis can cause serious discomfort. Biomechanical problems in other regions of the body can be the cause of these problems. We learnt how to identify Sacroiliac joint dysfunction (which produces pain in a region similar to the referred pain pattern from

Diary of a Massage Student – Term 2 Week 8

Today we say goodbye and good luck to our Certificate IV students with a small graduation ceremony over lunch. This week our Diploma of Remedial Massage students move onto the shoulder.  The shoulder (along with the neck) tends to accumulate more tension than any other area of the body.  Upper body tension and pain can

Diary of a Remedial Massage Student – Term 2 Week 7

It’s our last day for our Certificate IV students and while we are a little sad to see them go we are very excited and confident that they will have every success with a career in remedial massage. Our diploma students have been finishing up theories and practical application relating to the back, specifically the

Diary of a Remedial Massage Student – Term 2 Week 6

Week 2 of our Clinic is in full swing with many hands-on massage hours clocked and lots of happy clients. We finished our module on remedial treatment of the neck which focused on mobilisation of the joints.   Our class now moves on to new techniques such as Muscle Energy Technique & Myofascial Release Therapy. The

Diary of a Remedial Massage Student – Term 2 Week 4

We have been very busy preparing for upcoming clinic and our final round of massage technique is centered on Sports Massage. Each sport or activity has its own specific muscle groups that need attention and care.  Sports massage was originally developed to help athletes prepare their bodies for optimal performance, recover after a big event,