The Latest Makeup Trends

Sometimes it can be tough to keep up with the latest makeup trends. They always seem to be changing! That’s why our professionals are here to give you a quick rundown of exactly what’s hottest in the industry right now. Tinted Eyebrows Temporary brow stains are all the rage as they’ve gained a foothold over

Career Path #4 Jazz Singing Massage Administrator!

Seonaid has been a Senior Educator of Massage at Demi International for approximately 3 years and has recently added the role of Admin and Compliance Manager to her responsibilities. She is also a loving mum to two beautiful daughters…sounds like she’s got a bit on! Previous roles include being a full time Massage Therapist, business

Career Pathways #3 Home Based Beauty Salon

Lara Lange operates a home based beauty therapy salon called Earths Indulgence. She is one of our very own graduated students completing her Diploma of Beauty at Demi International just over 12 months ago. She has also studied a Diploma of Specialised Makeup fully rounding out the extensive range of skills on offer at Earths

Career Pathways #2 Educator

Sharon Victory has been a teacher at Demi International for 18 months. She ran her own beauty salon for 20 years before becoming a TAFE Teacher in Beauty Therapy. Her career started with a studying a Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Sharon loves the opportunity her role provides to inspire and motivate students about an industry

Career Pathways #1: Educator at Demi International

Belinda Spiteri has been an educator at Demi International since January 2013.  Over her career Belinda has immersed herself in the industry with experience as a Beauty Therapist, Spa Therapist, College Educator, Spa Manager, Salon Owner and Skin Care Promoter. Straight out of school she studied a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and over the years

Update: Term 2 Week 7

It’s been a while since we did an update on the goings on of the Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Recently the class has moved onto advanced facials. Advanced facials use machinery to help push products deeper into the client’s skin, to get better, deeper and longer lasting results after a facial. The Beauty students were

My deep dark secret…

I lead a fairly normal healthy life – I don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, eat well (mostly), exercise regularly, and drink occasionally (that’s what I tell my doctor anyway). However, it’s around this time annually for approximately a week or two I lose control – you see I have an addiction that I cannot deny.  It has always been

Visit from ASAP Skin Products – the science of beautiful skin

Have you ever wondered about what products our students are training, and what products are being used on Salon Days, and why these products above all others were chosen? A couple of weeks back we had a visit from our friends at ASAP who brought their product along to discuss with our Diploma of Beauty Therapy students.  A bit

Back Wax of a 120kg Gorilla (his words!!)…ahem, Client

There are few treatments that we struggle to get a model for and male waxing is one of them.  This week our trainer managed to persuade one of the male staff members to a Nose, Ear, and Back wax.  The model was in his late 30’s and it was quite apparent that he had not had a back wax

Tips for a successful year of study at Demi International

1. Have Fun! You’ve made the decision to study and whether you have a real passion for the industry, you want some sort of recognition (like a diploma), or your just ‘dipping your toe in the water’ because you really don’t know what you want to do, make sure you have fun doing it – every day is