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All beauty training and beauty courses are accredited beauty courses and beauty qualifications which are recognised within the Australian qualification framework. A qualification from Demi International will give you a huge range of career choices in the skincare and beauty related industries.

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  • Natasha – Student Diploma of Beauty Therapy

  • Clare Sachs – Dip. Beauty Therapy Student

  • Tracy Keightley – Dip. Beauty Therapy Student & Lash Ext. Student

  • Casey – Student Acrylic Nail Technology & Gel Nail Application

  • Emily Hart-Keep – Dip. Beauty Therapy Student

  • Bree – Student Cert II in Nail Technology

  • Melissa Scrimgeour – Dip. Beauty Therapy Student

  • Jessie – Student Short Course in Waxing

  • Jess Kelly – Dip. Beauty Therapy Student & Lash Ext. Student

  • Jasmine – Dip. Beauty Therapy Student

  • I graduated Demi International with my diploma of beauty therapy in April this year. I have been working in a salon ever since and am loving my career so far. Going to Demi International was the best decision I could have made for my education.

  • It was so nice to meet you and come back to the school.  The teachers are so lovely to be around.  I love what you have done with the school it looks fantastic and the whole atmosphere is wonderful.

  • Demi International is the No.1 Beauty Choice if you wish to gain your Beauty Therapy Diploma. Once you have started studying there you will never want to leave.

  • Thanks to Ann and our wonderful teacher Julie, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Demi. I have made good friends and feel very confident in going out into the workforce. I have 2 jobs thanks to Ann, so have diversity which is great.

  • Demi has been a fantastic experience. Training is first class from the highly accredited teachers, which has helped me into my dream job. I highly recommend Demi to future students who want to learn the best training.

  • I started 2013 on a new slate, new town, new friends, new job and the chance to gain a new qualification. Out of everything I've gained thsi year, my Demi International experience was the most rewarding. I made new friends and managed to score my dream job.

  • A great experience and met a lot of lovely girls. I loved learning new things every week and coudln't have asked for a better teacher.

  • Demi International has been a great experience. It has let me understand and gain confidence about my passion of beauty therapy. The girls in my class were all lovely and my teacher Julie was just great.

  • Demi International has given me the confidence and knowledge to head out into the real world. I've thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes and the environment at Demi. Ann is brilliant to deal with and my teacher, Julie, has been incredibly patient and helpful.

  • Demi International has truly been great to me this year. Very professional and lovely bunch of ladies, a big thank you to my beautiful teacher Julie. I couldn't have enjoyed the experience more.

Demi International Beauty Academy is the proud winner of the 2014 Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

Demi International Beauty Academy is accredited with Australian Council for Private Education and Training.